How to write your real estate ad to sell well?

How to write your real estate ad to sell well?

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Do you want to sell your house or apartment? Know that there are several options available to you. You can opt for the sale of individual to individual or call upon a professional who will accompany you at each stage of the sale. One of these steps is the writing of the real estate ad. It should be short but provide enough information for potential buyers to call you. How to write a real estate ad? Here are some answers.

The advantages of housing

A real estate ad must highlight the assets of the house or apartment and this, from the title. Also do not hesitate to indicate that you are selling "a large family home", "a well-appointed apartment", "a functional studio ideal for a student", etc. Buyers need to know the type of property you are selling. The announcement should not be too long, but it must also give the assets of the property. You can specify that you have "a large living room", "a fitted and equipped kitchen" or "a completely renovated interior". If you have recently done work, it should be noted because it is reassuring for buyers.

An honest description

Even if it is necessary to highlight the advantages of housing, you must also be honest. It should not be specified that your accommodation has 3 beautiful bedrooms if the largest is no more than 11m². Likewise, you should not put a house in a quiet place if this is not the case. Give the correct surface area of ​​your accommodation as well as that of the garden. If necessary, you can indicate the living area and the floor area. Do you live near a big city? Give an idea of ​​distance, specifying whether you are "15 minutes" or "20 kilometers". This detail is very important, because if buyers are looking for a property in a specific city and not around, you will both lose time.

Some mistakes not to make

It should be remembered that a room must be at least 9m² (Carrez law). If one of your rooms does not reach this area, it is considered an office or a storage room. And if your accommodation has a toilet with a sink, this does not make it a toilet or a bathroom. In general, you have to be consistent. If your ad is out of step with the property you are selling, potential buyers will be disappointed during the visit. They will dwell on these odd numbers instead of noting the advantages of the house or the apartment.

Carole Rochais' pro board

To better advise you, we have contacted a real estate agent. Carole Rochais from the agency Immodream, based in the Anjou region, gave us additional advice. According to her, you have to avoid saying everything… The objective is to have visits and sell well!