Before / After: Reviving a dull and ordinary balcony

Before / After: Reviving a dull and ordinary balcony

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The owners of this Marseille apartment lack ideas to brighten up their dull balcony furnished with recycled objects. Very poorly arranged, it is separated into two very distinct parts, difficult to access because too crowded. They therefore called on the exterior design agency Slowgarden, also based in Marseille, to redefine the traffic and make the whole more welcoming. Successful bet for the decorators of the Marseille design office, who knew how to transform this balcony into a real outdoor living room, as charming as it is colorful! Budget : 3500€

Facilitate circulation

Before : the balcony is furnished with mismatched furniture, including a large storage shelf that visually divides the space into two parts. The back of the balcony remains difficult to access and does not require visitors. XXL planters housing large bamboos are grouped on the same side of the balcony, creating a bulky and unsightly plant bed.
After : The shelf has been removed to facilitate circulation and ventilate the space. The plants are scattered over the entire surface of the balcony in order to bring a touch of greenery without creating a visual overflow, like what was done before. At the end of the balcony, the old faded wall now supports a custom-made trellis on which grows a large jasmine: the outdoor space comes back to life thanks to the addition of new plants and the reorganization of spaces!

Modernize the floor and furniture

Before : The worn and mismatched furniture is partly responsible for the dated atmosphere of the balcony. A great deal of fresh air is needed on the walls as on the floor, which is covered with brick-colored tiles, typical of the 70s and 80s. Dark colors help to tarnish the outdoor space and underline its faded appearance. After : Claire Delahaye, decorator at Slowgarden, opted for a slatted floor in order to make room and modernize the whole. The ceiling is repainted in white to increase the light tenfold and the walls are rejuvenated with a light beige paint. In terms of furniture, the old fabric seats have disappeared in favor of trendy colored metal chairs (Fermob). Two Chilean bayadere fabrics complete the seating and add cheerfulness to the balcony.

Soft, spring colors

Before : the outdoor space is tarnished by a palette of sad and almost similar colors. No vitamin note comes to wake up this balcony which seems almost frozen in time. After : Thanks to the blue and lemon-yellow touches, the balcony comes back to life and invites to long afternoons of relaxation in the sun. The icing on the cake, a pretty fresco representing an open bird cage has been painted on one of the walls: the new decor is now planted and announces the color to the guests!