Before / After: A modern and urban terrace in tune with the times

Before / After: A modern and urban terrace in tune with the times

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Located on the first floor of a Parisian building dating from 1994, this long L-shaped balcony used to lack character and consistency. To develop this space, make the most of it and meet the demand of the owners who wanted a trendy scenography, the Balcoon team, composed of Thierry Halgand, its founder, and Marie Michel, DPLG landscaper, n had no choice but to comply with the constraints of this long and narrow place, typical of modern buildings. Objective: to arrange this terrace by creating an inside-outside effect with on the one hand a lounge and dining area, treated in a Japanese garden atmosphere and on the other hand a relaxation corner taking up the codes of the French garden. Discovery in pictures! Area: 31 m² Budget: 29,000 euros (excluding furniture)

A terrace typical of modern buildings

Before: On this narrow, landlocked terrace with a superposition of balconies facing south and west, sheltered from the strongest winds, the owners had started to invest the places with plants: pistachio, phormium, Japanese maple, white hydrangea , abélia, céanothe, pieris, jasmine, eucherières, dogwood and photinia, arranged in random and disorderly ways. This configuration and the aesthetic choices made by the owners did not, however, make it possible to take advantage of this additional room, with its exceptional orientation. Lovers of the garden of plants, of Bercy and Albert Kahn, the couple wanted color and dreamed of different atmospheres where they could receive their friends and relax.

Japanese atmosphere for this lounge and dining area

After:On the ground, the old faded tiles were traded for an anthracite composite wood decking. Today, it gives a modern and urban dimension to the space. To be able to make the most of sunny days, the terrace on the east side has been transformed into a lounge and dining area with Japanese influences. To do this, the Balcoon team opted for the creation of a "pebble river" crossed by Japanese steps in slate, intended to isolate the lounge area from the dining area. Likewise, a pond with aquatic plants was installed. Watering being non-existent, Marie Michel and Thierry Halgand imagined a very discreet automatic watering network. Today, the dining area is sheltered by a sublime metal pergola with a waterproof canvas cover. This allows you to ideally protect yourself from light winds. On the decorative side, a polyethylene screen screen decorated with climbing plant motifs, a second in fiberglass rod and red, white and black containers of different sizes were installed against the railing. These bring an Asian and exotic touch to the space.

A relaxation area inspired by topiary art

After: Installed on the other side, in front of the bedroom, the relaxation corner now takes on the codes of the French garden. The plant atmosphere is classic and inspired by topiary art. The boxwood and laurel are carved in the manner of a sculpture thus offering a real perspective to the landscape. The arrangement of white, red and black containers organizes the premises as much as it decorates. Three materials were chosen: anthracite gray fiber cement which blends perfectly with the ground, red and white lacquered polyethylene, in contrast to contrast with it and micro-blasted stainless steel; which enhances modernity and brings clarity to the space. To hide vis-à-vis passers-by, three column pots were placed. And, to optimize privacy, sticks have been installed. These today hide the glass dividing walls.
Thierry Halgand and Marie Michel, Balcoon