What Colors To Match With Gray Veined White Marble

What Colors To Match With Gray Veined White Marble

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Symbol of Antiquity and luxury, marble is making a comeback in decoration. But despite its resistance to time and its undeniable solidity, real marble is not within the reach of all budgets. We can therefore see an increase in marble imitations this fall 2013 for all the rooms in the house. You still have to know how to marry it cleverly and find the right colors to create the style that suits you.

White marble for an elegant decoration

One thing is certain: with white marble, you are at the top of elegance! With a white marble veined with black, on a paving or an old fireplace, you have to know how to stay sober. Natural tones are therefore to be preferred, taking inspiration from stone colors: rose quartz, gray granite, anthracite basalt; materials which also go very well with marble. In your decor, a gray gradient as well as two-color white / black objects will guarantee you a style full of prestige, which you can energize with a few simple patterns, such as stripes.

Stay trendy with beige marble

If the marble is back in decoration, we remain careful to avoid the old-fashioned style! Pink marble therefore gives way to beige marble, which is easier to match in a modern decor. In the bathroom, the kitchen and even the living room, in paving or wall covering, marble takes on golden, even coppery or brown hues. Wood then becomes essential, with clear essences for a Zen or darker atmosphere. to mark the contrast. By turning around the brown hues, from mole to chocolate via the sepia, accompanied by creamy white and touches of black, you will stay in trend while highlighting your marble.

Black marble: to contrast

Worktop in the kitchen, fireplace in the living room, basin in the bathroom or tiles, black marble is a must in terms of decoration. But it is imperative to let it breathe! Exit, therefore, the decorative tote, we will favor a more orderly and airy style. To make it stand out, white - and all its variations - is undoubtedly the most obvious choice. However, don't forget the more delicious and equally suitable shades such as rust, bronze, English red or Bismarck.

Colorful marbles for more fantasy

Marble look porcelain stoneware, synthetic marble or real aged marble, marble is also available in colors. From ash blue to forest green, these colors, even if they remain natural, already orient your decor. This is why the colors to be associated with marble must remain discreet, especially for large areas (floors, walls). Pastel shades will be your best allies: look for lime, dragée blue or pale pink, depending on the marble color around which you are building your decor.

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