Tutorial: an original carpet in fabric and rope

Tutorial: an original carpet in fabric and rope

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Whether you are looking for a carpet, a tablecloth or even table mats, the technique used for the following tutorial allows you to make a wide variety of very original objects. Today, we are going to learn how to make a carpet with rope and different fabrics.


- three assorted fabrics not very thick - a sewing machine - sewing thread - scissors - synthetic or cotton cord 2.5 mm in diameter Budget: around € 2O Duration: 4 hours


1. To begin, cut strips 4 cm wide in the three fabrics, varying their length.
2. Trap the cord inside a strip, then wrap it all around. Place everything under the sewing machine and stitch in a zig zag. Fold the end of the cord in half, then zigzag 2 cm while assembling the two parts. Continue the zig zag stitch by turning the cord around itself.
3. Change the news: 739845 fabric regularly according to the desired rendering.
4. Continue in the same way until the desired size is obtained.
5. Once you have reached the desired size, wind the actu: 739845 fabric, continuing after the cord, fix it with a zig zag point, then always stitch with a zig zag point against the carpet, hiding its end.


Your fabric and rope carpet is now finished! You can of course vary the size depending on the use you will have: count about a day to make a carpet of a meter in diameter. It is therefore possible to make several objects with one and the same practical technique!

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