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. The sanitation garden "Without a septic tank, it's magic!" What is it? Aquatiris installed a Sanitation Garden in the family courtyard: a phyto-purification device, to sanitize all the used water in the house without a septic tank. It is a natural and ecological system, made up of filters planted with reeds and aquatic plants. It is the bacteria present around the plants which are responsible for cleaning up the water! Odorless and without emptying, the Aquatiris® Sanitation Garden also has an aesthetic advantage, a small green setting that flowers for several months each year (yellow, purple, blue, white flowers, etc.). This sanitation system will be as durable as the house, and will operate without any other maintenance than simple gardening (weeding, mowing, etc.) Aquatiris is present throughout France. Its national network includes nearly 200 professionals specializing in phytopurification. Since 2007, franchised design offices and installers approved and trained by Aquatiris have been designing and building tailor-made sanitation gardens. Aquatiris has obtained official approvals from the Ministries of Health and the Environment, which guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the Aquatiris® Sanitation Gardens. What about D&CO? In this episode of D&CO, the Sanitation Garden was installed by our local Aquatiris professionals: our franchised design office and several installers, ESB (Senegalese Building Company), PUISAYE PAYSAGE and the SAGET company, with the support of Kevin SAGET. The landscaping of this Sanitation Garden gives pride of place to local wood (Douglas fir and oak, from natural regeneration). This is part of our ecological approach, with the local design by the design office, the local installer, the local materials and materials and respectful of the environment. For the purposes of the program, fairly large plants were planted, and the choice of plants was adapted. As a rule, it is better to use younger plants. A discreet fence will be installed later, to reduce access to the Aquatiris® Sanitation Garden, without hiding it. Do you have an individual sanitation project? Need to replace your septic tank? To find out about the Aquatiris design office near you, click here AQUATIRIS Site: // : 0820 300 325 Emai l: [email protected] Web: Follow us on Facebook! Find all the advantages of phytoepuration on the blog


. PAVEFAST: THE GRID… THAT MAKES THE JOINTS! SOFADES, is the designer and manufacturer of PAVEFAST. 100% French product. PAVEFAST is a high resistance gray polypropylene grid. - Thickness 4 cm and trafficable vehicles. - To be placed on stabilized ground. - To fill with aggregates with fixing resin to spray! or concrete. Enables draining or non-draining soils. Very simple, quick, aesthetic and very economical to use! PAVEFAST being the technique, which really keeps the gravel in the grids! PAVEFAST will allow you to carry out all exterior flooring projects in style: Driveways, parking lots, courtyards, sidewalks, garage descents, etc. We market our production to all building professionals and individuals. Expeditions throughout France, Switzerland in Belgium. PAVEFAST has everything to seduce you! PAVEFAST site: Tel. 05 56 97 05 19 Facebook: //


. DECORATIVE WINDOWS NEW: TEXTURAL WINDOWS A personalized and different window for each room in the house! Different finishes and colors inside and out. Windows available in 4 styles: NATIVE / CONTEMPORARY / AUTHENTIC / EXCLUSIVE to adapt to any interior. Models presented: EXCLUSIVE style Choice from 27 textures and finishes: LEATHER, CARBON, QUARTZ, STEEL, GLOSSY, TEAK, OAK, WENGE, etc. And also: satin or granite lacquering in all possible RAL colors. TEXTURAL windows are the result of a new technology that combines performance and modernity: - high thermal insulation performance (Saint Gobain double glazing, the most thermally efficient on the market: 10% gain compared to the market) and high acoustic performance - high level of quality of finishes: fitted and smooth junctions, discreet welds and fittings, almost invisible ... - joinery reinforced with galvanized steel bars. The thickness of the walls is 10 to 15% higher than the market average - security: high resistance to external aggressions (complete metal structure and burglar-resistant hardware included in steel). Custom manufacturing: Many architectures and geometric shapes possible. Installation identical to that of traditional windows. 15 year warranty on window structures (profiles, welding, reinforcement). Glazing, fittings, hardware, lacquering = 10 YEARS. PROFERM = a French manufacturer Manufacturer of PVC & ALU JOINERY: windows, doors, entry doors, doors, sliding doors… Ranked in the top 5 French manufacturers out of 700 listed, by the CSTB (Center Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment). Find a point of sale: // PROFERM Address: Avenue de Londres ZI Artois Flandres 62138 DOUVRIN Tel: +33 (0) Mail: [email protected]


. Outdoor lighting Download our catalogs: STEINEL FRANCE Tel: 03 20 30 34 06 Fax: 03 20 30 34 20 E-Mail: [email protected] Address: Acticentre-CRT 2156, 220 rue des Famards Bât M Lot 359810 LESQUIN


. Niche XXL Filzi 2 in 1 Products to find in: - the Dog shop: // - the Cat shop: // zooplus Online pet store N ° 1 in Europe Food and accessories: everything for your animals On you will find more than 8000 products for: - dog: kibbles and boxes, accessories, treats, kennels, cages, leashes and collars, clothes and protections , antiparasitic, toys, food supplements… - cat: kibbles, boxes and sachets, treats, litter and toilet houses, cat trees and scratching posts, antiparasitic, toys, transport cages… - bird: cages, accessories, food and treats… - fish: aquarium and technical equipment, filters and pumps, food… - rodent, rabbit and ferret: food, litter, cages and accessories… - horse: food and care… zooplus offers a huge selection of inexpensive pet food and accessories all year round, plus the convenience of home delivery. From the biggest brands to the most specialized products, the online pet store offers everything that animals may need. online pet store: Blog: // Facebook: // Twitter: //


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