A table decoration on the theme of the circus for its birthday

A table decoration on the theme of the circus for its birthday

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Ladies and gentlemen, make way for the show on the birthday table! Colorful balloons, learned animals, stars by the thousands, cardboard marquee, the theme of the circus invites itself into the D-Day decor of our little blond heads. Need inspiration? Take a look at our shopping selection! Roll out the red carpet and prepare a good dose of numbers to make the magic of the circus ring on your birthday table! Start by placing a large red and white striped tablecloth that recalls the hangings of the capitals. Then, unfold a star table runner over the entire length of the table or several times vertically. It's time to add the dishes! We love the plates and the paper cups that have fun with colorful balloons and animal prints in full number. You can add, preferably under the plate (so as not to hide the decor of the latter), a pretty star paper towel. Once the dishes are in place, it is the turn of the accessories to enter the track. In the center of the table, no need to procrastinate, it is of course towards a large cardboard marquee that we turn to. In terms of place cards, we love the idea of ​​yellow and red studs on which elephants, lions and tigers are used to perching. Finally, if you wish, set up a garland of pennants around the table that respects the theme of the little party.
1. The vintage Circus tablecloth, € 4.50 at / 2. The Cirque centerpiece, € 6.50 at Izdéguiz / 3. The circus name holder easel, € 2.59 at Déco à Gogo / 4 The set of 8 Circus plates, € 3.90 at Rêves et Merveilles / 5. The 20 Cirque napkins, € 3.99 at Déco Style Passion / 6. The Luna Park Stars table runner, € 10.90 at / 7. The circus birthday set, € 25.80 at Wesco Family / 8. The set of 8 Circus cups, € 3.50 at Rêves et Merveilles


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