Tutorial: transform a child's sock into a cute rabbit

Tutorial: transform a child's sock into a cute rabbit

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In the world of socks, switching to the machine is a bit like Russian roulette. No one knows what is going on in there, but what is certain is that it is clean and without burrs. What are we going to be able to do with all these lonely socks? We have the solution: today we are going to learn how to transform a sock into a pretty rabbit!


- a child's sock - scissors - a needle - sewing thread - cotton wool; - balls of felt - a small piece of floral fabric or in shades matching the sock Budget: around 5 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, place the sock so that the heel is towards you. With scissors, cut in the middle of the foot to the heel.
2. Stitch the ears to the desired shape, then cut the excess fabric to 0.5 cm. Turn the sock over. Our tip: you can also do the opposite depending on the desired rendering and the sock used. In our case, we wanted to hide the brand and the size.
3. Fill the sock with cotton wool making sure to fill both ears.
4. Close the end with a needle.
5. Pass a wire at the base of the ears so as to bring them together.
6. Embroider the eyes crosswise with a colored thread.
7. Sew the muzzle with a point or a ball of felt (the balls of felt are sometimes called felt beads or wool beads).
8. To personalize the rabbit, cut a strip of matching fabric to create a bow tie, two ear shapes and a belly shape. Fill in the edges and sew these items with a folding stitch.


And now, the little rabbit is finished! You can also add a mini pompom to it as a tail before it goes to join the stuffed animals and other comforters of your toddler!

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