I tested for you: The EasyBread bread machine

I tested for you: The EasyBread bread machine

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Bread is one of the favorite foods of French people: thanks to its thousand and one recipes, it accompanies each of their meals in a delicious and convivial way. Contrary to popular belief, making your own bread is not very complicated; on the other hand, leavening and kneading require several tens of minutes, which can put off some cooking enthusiasts. To overcome these drawbacks, the EasyBread brand has imagined an automated machine operating with capsules, the first of its kind launched in France. Having never tried a bread machine - and not quite sure what to expect in terms of taste - I was impatient to test this revolutionary robot full of promise.

An ultra simple machine, with operation accessible to all

When the EasyBread bread machine arrived home, I couldn't resist long before opening the box to unpack it. First observation: the robot sports a rather imposing format (about the size of a computer tower), but its design is particularly successful. Another good news for all refractory to "all electronic", the EasyBread machine has very few buttons: a time setting, another for browning bread, a programmer and an "on / off". The manual explains step by step the steps to follow, all in pictures. The robot is made up of a single block which opens above (place where the capsule is inserted) and at the level of the edge (where the bread pan is located): ultra simple operation and within reach of all !

Choosing the flavor of your bread

First step before getting started, clean the EasyBread as directed by the manufacturer. So I fill the water tank before running my vacuum robot. During the two minutes of cleaning, I take the opportunity to choose my type of bread. EasyBread indeed offers six capsules with different flavors in order to vary daily pleasures: Puro (Artisanal White Bread), Country Love (Multigrain Bread), Crustino (Wholemeal Bread), Alpino (Sourdough Bread), Mediterraneo (Mediterranean Bread 'olive oil) and Gluten Free. The price of the capsules per unit varies between 1.99 € and 5.99 € depending on the type of bread (the gluten-free one being the most expensive). New varieties of bread are being developed in the brand's laboratories… something to watch!

First batch

Let's go for my first cooking! After filling the water tank and inserting my preparation capsule for a cereal bread (without opening the lid), I close the valve and choose a "medium" browning for the crust. I press the "start" button and my robot sets off for 2:09 hours of kneading and cooking. During this time, I go about my business because all the preparation is automatic: that's where I think the real "plus" of the EasyBread robot! A small flat however: the machine is a bit noisy during the kneading phase, which can be a drawback if you program it at night.

A sweet smell of bakery invades the house after about an hour and a half ... A real treat for the senses! When the baking is finished, I unmold my cereal square, then remove the kneading arm nested in the bread before tasting it, still warm. And I must admit that I am amazed by the result! The bread is really crisp and the crumb very tender. The EasyBread robot still represents a certain investment (between € 179 and € 199, plus the price of the capsules) but families in a hurry and lovers of homemade food will certainly appreciate the taste of good bread made at home.