What colors go well with red?

What colors go well with red?

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A warm and dynamic color par excellence, red is often chosen for our interiors. Used in everyday life to warn of danger or attract attention in advertisements for example, this color does not go unnoticed and awakens in us an almost instinctive attraction. However, combining it with other colors is not always easy and the choice of colors can be tricky. Here are some tips for matching red with the right hues, depending on the mood you want.

Red + gray

Since the urban style has been on the rise in our interiors for several years, we did not hesitate in 2015 to adopt it! And for that, nothing better than combining red with neutral colors such as light gray or concrete gray. Bright red for the furniture, gray for the floor and the walls, and the result is perfect! In which room ? The kitchen

Red + green

To give a good kick in one of your rooms, dare a slightly unexpected combination of colors: red and green! Be careful however to adopt them sparingly at the risk of brushing against the overdose. Our advice is to bet more on green on the wall and red in small accessories or in unique furniture. In which room ? The dining room

Red + blue

To energize a room with red, don't be afraid to match it with equally vivid colors. Our idea is to mix it with the sky blue. Paint all of the walls blue, add red furniture and enjoy a room that exudes good humor every day of the year. If you choose accessories with a nautical look, you can easily breathe in a seaside atmosphere! In which room ? Children's room

Red + purple

Do you want a romantic and soothing atmosphere? Why not opt ​​for a pretty red tinged with burgundy associated with feminine colors like purple and pale pink. The key is to play with the furniture and accessories in small touches so as not to overload the atmosphere. In which room ? The living room