I tested for you: the Hema sewing machine

I tested for you: the Hema sewing machine

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A sewing machine for less than 60 €? Impossible ? However, this is the crazy gamble launched by the Dutch brand Hema which offers the first low cost model in France, available in all stores and on the brand's e-shop. While the prices of classic sewing machines - Singer and Brother at the head - sometimes reach € 1,000, Hema offers all sewing enthusiasts the possibility of having a high-performance model at an affordable price. Riding on the surging DIY that has been enthralling the French for a few years, Hema has created its first electronic tool, a great promise of home-made creations and works of all kinds. I wanted to try this new twist in my colors, to find out if the value for money was up to the challenge.

Product discovery

I am very excited to test the first sewing machine launched by Hema, which offers this type of product for the first time in the catalog. Once the packaging is removed, I discover a very colorful machine compared to its competitors (white for most of them), but small. The foot control is almost half the size of a standard pedal, a detail that may put some people off, but which did not bother me personally. On the accessories side, the product is delivered with the basic elements essential to start sewing, including several needles (including a double model), bobbins already surrounded by thread, a reel, a bobbin spindle and a thread tension regulator. It is therefore quite possible to embark on a sewing job without any additional expense to be made: a first positive point for the product.

Quick and easy start-up

The Hema sewing machine works like any classic model: it starts with an on / off button and the needle starts at the touch of the foot control (which operates with foot). An explanatory note illustrates each step of the start-up for novices (and in particular those who integrate the thread for the first time ... Its installation can sometimes be confusing!). In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to find there the same functions as in its competitors of medium category, namely 10 models of different points, a mini led to light up the work area, a wire cutter, a front / rear, as well as a thread tension adjustment mode. Another good surprise: the sewing machine is guaranteed for 2 years, and Hema undertakes to have it repaired in the event of a breakdown.

First sewing tests

To start my test, I choose to make a cushion cover with a nice light cotton fabric. I opt for a classic straight stitch and I activate the needle, which breaks after a minute. So I replace it with another, which twists when I resume my sewing after a break to replace my fabric. Conclusion, the quality of the needles leaves something to be desired, even if it is not an expensive element (the needles are easily found in the trade for a ridiculous price). So I continue my work and this time finish my cover without any problems, after trying different stitches which all work perfectly.
To test the resistance of the machine, I then take different fairly thick fabrics to see how it reacts: the needle supports very well the terry cloth just like the jeans. After an hour of sewing, I am won over by the product, which perfectly meets my expectations as an occasional seamstress. I therefore recommend it to beginners and to all those who use a sewing machine in dilettante: the machine offers basic functions amply sufficient for small daily jobs but a little reduced for more experienced seamstresses.
Price : 59 €