What is a super blender?

What is a super blender?

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The blender has become the star of small household appliances! In recent years, it has invaded the kitchen and soups or smoothies have never been so popular! But, this object is also used to mix all kinds of food, and sometimes raw or fairly hard products. In order to choose the right device, which can be powerful enough without being damaged, there are ranges of "super blenders". Explanations.

Vitamix: The benchmark in blender

The Vitamix branded blender is a professional tool, which allows you to use the same device as a restaurant in your kitchen! He's the star of the owners of soup and smoothie bars! These blenders are extremely efficient and grind food very finely. Beyond the practical aspect, this allows your body to directly assimilate the vitamins and minerals contained in the food you mix. You can easily make, in record time, milkshakes, compotes, mashed potatoes, coulis, or even sauces. Thanks to its variable speed, the Vitamix blender is able to grind all types of products. The two flagship models of the brand are the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix Super 5200, which allows you to grind dry foods, such as almonds, hazelnuts or flour for example.

The most sophisticated blenders, from KitchenAid

Against Vitamix, another brand has established itself on the "super blender" market: KitchenAid. For 96 years, it has been pushing the power of its devices ever further. The new model of the brand for 2015, the "Blender Magnetic" not only has exceptional rotational power (20,000 rpm) but also has a magnetic motor instead of the traditional gear, hence the name the device. This blender no longer has a base, and therefore it does not come apart. There is therefore no more washing problem, since you just have to put the bowl in the dishwasher, after use. This model is so powerful that it can heat food, even raw, while retaining their vitamins and minerals! You have hot soups straight out of the appliance!

The "super blenders" summarized in a book

To understand everything about overpowered blenders, just one book: Superblenders, published by La Plage (9.95 euros). In 72 pages and around thirty recipes, the food journalist Estérelle Payany tells you everything about these revolutionary devices. She tests different brands and compares the time taken to make the recipes, the power of the models but also the texture of the food. Creams, vegetable drinks, ice creams, jams… nothing was spared! You will definitely understand why they are worth the investment.